The purpose of this project was to illustrate and design a potential gig poster for any artist or band of our choosing. This poster is how I envision one of my favorite bands, Milk & Bone. This is specifically devoted to their most recent album called Little Mourning.

I found the color scheme and subject matter of their album artwork to be the most compelling so I wanted to incorporate bits and part of the album into a repeat pattern. Through a lot of searching and abstracting, I developed the several drafts and pushed it further to create a more symbolic representation of their work. The wording and spelling of "little mourning" is very significant so I wanted to intertwine a sunrise scene with a repeat of gravestones.




Below is the original illustration before the pattern making process.


Below is what my poster initially looked like. I felt that this was too close to the imagery on the album cover, so I decided to create a more personal and symbolic version as my final product.

To reach the final poster, I played around with my first sketch and simplified it to illustrate my admiration of the band in a very symbolic and personal way. Below is a plan or sketch of what I experience from listening to their album.