In "Picturing Sound", an illustration studio that focuses the visual art practices that intertwine with music. We thrive to continue the tradition of collaborating between visual and musical artists. 

For this project, we selected two songs of our own choosing, one instrumental and one lyrical, with the intent to layer them on top of each other visually. The instrumentals challenged us to create an abstract piece and a more solidified concept for the lyrics in response. 

The top piece was based on 'Concerto For Lute and Plucked Strings I. Moderato' by Siefried Behrend & DZO Chamber Orchestra. The strokes and colors are used to incorporate the energy and warmth that comes from the pizzicato sounds. Whenever I listen to the piece, I envision myself in a cozy tea party full of delight. 

The bottom piece, 'Gambang' by Grimes has the same exact feel with its innocent tea party-esque background music. Its lyrics, however, describe the complete opposite. It refers to collapse and death. To layer the two songs together, I manipulated, subtracted, and created an 'inverted' piece to counteract the top one.